ServiceMaster Restore Fire & Water by GM has years of experience in restoring commercial properties after water and fire damage. We are proud to say that we offer full commercial restoration services – from remediation to reconstruction. Our team has the knowledge and expertise to bring your building back to its pre-loss condition. We have a solid commitment to guiding you throughout the process and will keep you updated from the beginning to the end.

Our professionals can handle all aspects of the reconstruction project, ensuring its timely completion. You can count on us to minimize disruptions to your business, answer all your questions, and complete the job to total satisfaction.

Superior Service

We use high-quality and durable building materials to speed up the commercial reconstruction process. Our team will meet you to understand your needs and requirements, what you expect from the project, and what things you want to add to the process. This helps us know what track we need to choose to offer you the best services. We also offer cleaning, repairing, and restoration services to ensure you are satisfied with the results.

SM team at construction site

Our Process

Our team goes through the specified steps to follow a proper procedure to reconstruct your building. We use techniques that help us adhere to details of the reconstruction process. Our experts will get your feedback each step of the way. We typically follow these steps:

  • Estimation of reconstruction project and getting the approval
  • Scheduling
  • Materials selection and purchase
  • Construction elements
  • Content management
  • Completion of the project
  • Post-construction cleanup

We understand that the reconstruction process requires great patience, and it might be stressful for you and your employees. In many cases, if your building requires complete reconstruction, it will be impossible to work in and may lead to a loss. We help you speed up the process so that you don’t have to wait for too long to restore business operations. Our team will try to restore an area where you can start your business in just a few days.


In the event of a disaster, ServiceMaster Restore by GM is always ready to provide the repair and reconstruction services you need. We are available 24/7. Contact our commercial reconstruction experts today to get started!