smokedamage2When it comes to fire damage and the resulting corrosive soot, timing is everything. Damages from a fire continue to accrue even after it has been put out and will continue to do so until you ask for professional help. Many furniture items and flooring materials are synthetic and when burned, generate complex chemical reactions. Over time, these household items go from salvageable to irreversibly damaged.

Certain at-risk items are more sensitive to soot damage than others. ServiceMaster Fire & Water Restore by GM can effectively clean these types of items susceptible to corrosion and save your belongings:

  • Brass, aluminum and chrome
  • Marble, tile and porcelain
  • Carpets and upholstery

Calling quickly and beginning the restoration process as soon as possible will help mitigate additional expenses and allow you to reclaim your property to its fullest possible recovery.

Our fire and smoke restoration process is made up of five steps:

  1. Emergency pre-cleaning
  2. Content cleaning
  3. Content pack out
  4. Wall and ceiling cleaning
  5. Deodorization

Remember, corrosive byproducts have the ability to cause irreversible etching on your belongings in as few as 72 hours. It is always best to call a professional when it comes to damages caused by fire since incorrect cleaning can compound the soot residue and actually make the situation worse. At ServiceMaster Fire & Water Restore by GM, we have the training, the expertise and the latest equipment to properly restore any fire damage job – big or small. Call today for excellent service and a superior restoration job done right.