water damage restoration equipment by ServiceMasterYour property can experience a flood for a variety of reasons, from heavy rain to a burst pipe or even a malfunctioning appliance. The experts at ServiceMaster Restore Fire & Water by GM want to ensure your property stays safe during any repairs needed. Our flood damage restoration process includes:

Inspect the Damage

Our crew is available 24/7 for emergency flood damage services. We arrive quickly to assess the damage and begin restoration. It’s important to shut off all electricity in the impacted area to prevent electrical hazards. Avoid DIY solutions, as attempting to vacuum or clean items yourself might make the issue worse. You can trust our team at ServiceMaster Restore Fire & Water by GM will handle the flood cleanup with precision and care.

Dehumidification Is Critical

The first step in the restoration process is to extract any standing water left in your home. Next, our technicians will utilize dehumidifiers and industrial fans to eliminate any moisture and prevent further damage. A dehumidifier will move air around a space and collect excess moisture particles. Our Industrial-grade fans can be a few feet wide and are useful when you need to dry spaces without adding excess pressure or heat to these spaces.

It’s most important that the water is removed as soon as possible. Act fast and call ServiceMaster Restore by GM to avoid further damage.

Sanitization Is Necessary

After all standing water and excess moisture has been eliminated, our crew will begin the sanitization process. This work includes removing any particles that might be leftover after an area is dry. Excess water can produce bacteria and mold, so sanitization and disinfection are critical for success. We will apply an antimicrobial agent around the affected areas to ensure mold damage doesn’t occur.

Finally, our water damage restoration technicians will complete any necessary repairs around your property to restore it to pre-loss condition. We work closely with your insurance agents to streamline the restoration process and get you back home as soon as possible.

If you suffer from flood damage at your home, or business facility, in the Nashville Metro area – you can count on ServiceMaster Restore Fire & Water by GM. Our experienced technicians are on call 24/7 ready to spring into action to restore your property and peace of mind.