The flames aren’t the only things that can damage your property during a fire. The smoke that develops and the soot it leaves behind can also be harmful. The residues left from smoke and soot can damage various surfaces around your property. These may also become hazardous to anyone’s health, as smoke and small soot particles can enter one’s airways and cause breathing issues. The leftover odor can also become a substantial problem.

The team here at ServiceMaster Fire & Water Restore by GM can help you with your smoke damage restoration needs when the demand arises. Our experts will work hard to bring your property back to pre-loss condition after suffering from fire damage, ensuring the safety of your property and everyone inside. We can also clear out the odors that smoke can leave behind.

Cleaning Is Necessary

The smoke damage restoration process will require extensive cleaning. The effort can include the following points:

  • room with fire damagedCleaning all soft surfaces, including carpets, upholstery, and other fabrics where soot can stick around
  • Clearing the soot from tiles, marble, aluminum items, and other sensitive and fragile hard surfaces
  • Applying disinfectant and sanitation chemicals that break apart smoke molecules
  • Dry cleaning any clothes that were damaged by smoke or soot
  • Removing odors from your carpets and other surfaces

Managing Your Air Ducts

The next part of the smoke damage restoration work involves cleaning your air ducts. Smoke can continue to move through your home as it goes through the HVAC system. Our work at ServiceMaster Restore by GM will clean the entire HVAC set up around your property, including through both the air ducts and the main heating and cooling unit. We disinfect and sanitize all ducts to prevent further problems from developing.

Deodorization Work

Our expert technicians can also manage deodorization efforts around your property. Deodorization entails cleaning out the particles that smoke leaves behind. Water is heated, with the steam being injected into a natural oil compound under low pressure and a high temperature. The material can go around the entire house to clear out the smoke by breaking up its remaining particles.

What You Can Do To Help

Our smoke damage restoration work at ServiceMaster Restore by GM can restore your property and prevent smoke from becoming more of a problem. You can also do a few things yourself to keep the smoke damage under control:

  • Keep the windows and other openings around your home open to allow your house to air out. You can do this if the temperature is suitable.
  • Change the air filters around your HVAC system. You should especially do this if you use forced hot air.
  • Do not try washing surfaces yourself. Any attempts to clean it yourself will cause the soot to spread further and possibly move deeper into some surfaces.
  • Do not directly touch any damaged spots. The oils from your skin can enter the space and make it harder to clean out the material.

The best point for managing smoke damage is to contact us at ServiceMaster Fire & Water Restore by GM for assistance first. We will ensure your smoke damage will be less of a threat when you ask us for support.